App in Action: Educreations

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

 Educreations is one of those great tools to have on your iPad because it lets kids work with images, draw images, write, type, and record their thinking. I believe that even our littlest learners will be able to use this independently.

Ease of Use:  Quite simple for our younger students.  The tools are very easy to figure out and there are not a ton of them.  

SAMR Ranking:  Depending on how you use a tool like Educreations determines what SAMR level it is an example of.  It can a basic Substitution for paper and crayons, but if you climb the ladder and have kids drawing and using their voice to share what they are thinking, you move up SAMR.  Also, educreations has the ability to be shared, either by email or by saving the web link to your work, you are able to show a bigger audience, like parents evidence of a student’s thought process while working through and math problem or while thinking about a story.  This is Modification or Redefinition of a task that may not have been able to be done with such ease before.  It also gives you, the teacher, the freedom, of letting your students work independently, yet still share their learning and thinking.  By recording this, you have the ability to check in with them later, which frees you up in the classroom to do other pressing tasks.

Cost:  free

Review of app: click here to see review from appolearning

Importing: Images can be imported into Educreations from the camera, the camera roll, or the web.

Once saved, a project can be shared through email, through the educreation website (, or with the link that is created.

How have you used Educreations in your classroom?

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