Apps in Action: Fotobabble

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

Fotobabble is a simple tool that allows the user to take pictures (or use pictures) and then record their thinking or thoughts about that picture.  It is a simple, but useful tool for teachers to hear what students are thinking, what they are wondering, or what they want to share.  Imagine using this tool to create a visual word wall or dictionary of terms related to a unit of study.  After taking a photo of a student’s work, the student could talk about their work as a self reflection or as an extension of their thinking.  Imagine, having students take photos of a school event or a field trip and then recording their thoughts to the pictures.  It could be used for describing characters from a story or as a means of sharing a biography project.  Fotobabbles could be created to communicate fun facts from your classroom each week to an audience of parents and more.  This tool is perfect for short and concise sharing of information.  Its possibilities are great!

Fotobabble requires an account setup for saving and sharing pictures.  That login then allows you to access your fotobabble creations at  You are able to share your creations through an email, with a link, or embed it into a webpage.

Ease of Use:  Super Simple for even the littlest of students
SAMR Ranking:  Depending on the curricular connection, it is basic substitution but can move up the ladder depending on how you use the content to share and collaborate with others.  Creative teachers could definitely use this to augment or modification if this tool allows our little students to share their thinking and then others are given a venue to react or share thinking or feedback back to the student.
Cost:  free

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