Book Snaps

A Book Snap is a digital way to document and share the great snippets you find as you are reading.  It is a great visual way to annotate, share excerpts, make connections and more as you read.  Click here to learn more about BookSnaps.


The concept of Book Snaps came from the idea of sharing using Snap Chat, but there are many other ways you can create and share Book Snaps.  Check out all the ideas here:  BookSnap How-To-Videos and Examples.  

Also, follow #BookSnaps on Twitter to see lots of examples of booksnaps.

I think I am most curious about how to make a Booksnap using Google Drawings. BUT, I also have Pic Collage Kids on my phone, which might be super simple.  i will be exploring and I will share what I create!  Can't wait!

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