Curating Content ~ a New Essential Life Skill

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2017)

We take in a ton more information than we did in the past and therefore, it is essential that we are able to first, find good information, but then also store that information in a useful way, and finally be able to easily share it with others.  Sounds easy?   Well…. I am going to suggest that in this 21st century, this has gotten far more complex.

Finding good information
Sounds simple enough but keep these questions in mind…

What searching strategies will I use to find the information I need quickly and efficiently?

A basic Google search may not be strategy enough to find the best, high quality information.  Please check out these resources to become a better Internet Researcher.
What To Do with the Information You Find
Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you with this content curation step……
  • What is my goal with this information?  Why do I need this information?
  • If I save this information, when will I use it?
  • Just how good is this information?
               Is this information valid?
               Is the source of the information a source you can trust?
               Can the information be validated with another source?
  • How or where will you store this information so you can easily find it?
  • If your links disappeared tomorrow, could you remember all of them?
  • Are your links well organized?
Check out these links for information on a few ways to save and organize information online:
Sharing the Good Stuff
If you have found good stuff, and spent a good deal of time in doing that, and don’t share with others, what good is that?
Do you have a way to share the resources that you are collecting with others?
How are other educators around you sharing their resources?
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