ELA in the Digital Age: Writing Tools

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)
Kaizena Mini Google Add-On ~ Click here to install
Getting Started with Kaizena Mini ~ click here to learn more about this add-on and its function


Kaizena is a great way for teachers to give students feedback and for a student to interact back with the teacher on a Google Document.  Feedback can be in the form of audio feedback, typed feedback and sharing resources or links.


Draftback Extension ~ Click here to install


Draftback is a free tool to use with Google Docs that allows the user to playback the revision history of any Google Document.  It is like watching the writing process replayed from beginning to end.  It is really awesome for a student, reflecting on the writing process.  It is also great for playing back a student’s revision process to give insight for targeting writing strategies for students.  Once I installed it, I refreshed and it appeared within my Google Doc.draftback.png


No Red Ink website  ~ https://www.noredink.com/


This website is a free signup for teachers and students that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills.   It is adaptive and tracks student progress, plus it engages students with high interest content.

Click here to be a student in No Red Ink in my Sample Class….. Class Code: 7m3xwa48

Easy Bib Extension ~ click here to install

This Chrome Extension not only cites online source quickly for students it also has capabilities to determine if sites and sources are credible sources.  

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