Fun Online Math Games & Puzzles

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)

These activities are fun, online math games and online tools which would be great as centers in your math classroom. They involve application of math skills in different ways that students may find challenging, yet lots of fun.  Play them, explore them, and enjoy!

Geometry Toolbox ~ draw and experiment with geometric tools, such as the ruler, protractor, and compass while drawing online.

Virtual Manipulatives ~ choose a grade level and then explore a variety of tools

Kakooma ~ compete using basic math skills and beat your component or classmate

Expresso  ~ solve problem equations using order of operations while racing the clock.  Can you do it?  Choose your level of difficulty.

More Greg Tang Math ~ problem solving games that use basic math skills;  challenging and fun!

The Problem Site:  Math

The Problem Site:  Strategy ~ Lots of different math “games” that challenge your students thinking

Thinking Blocks ~ these tools help to visualize math problems

More Math Manipulatives ~ great tools for students to play with and create math solutions.

Math Playground ~ more math fun …

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