Google Classroom Adds Some Great Features in April

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)

For those of us that have experimented with Google Classroom this year, we have found some pros and cons with this tool.  It is a great tool for sharing and organizing Google Drive assignments and templates between teachers and students PLUS it provides the organization that both teachers and students need.  One of my biggest “cons” was, however, that I like to plan and prepare my lessons and assignments in advance and Google Classroom made this difficult because in creating announcements and assignments, they were automatically made live.  This was confusing to students.

NEW FEATURE…….. You are now able to create announcements and assignments without actually posting them.  The new “save draft” button is what I have been waiting for.  It allows me to prep my online course materials on my time and make them live later for my students.  I am thrilled with this addition!!!!

Other New Feature….. Google Classroom now allows you to have multiple teachers in a Classroom class.  Go to the class’s About page and click Invite Teacher.  Additional teachers can do almost the same things the primary teacher can do. Everything, but delete the class.

Google Classroom is a new tool that is getting better and better every month. Google is taking the advice of those in the field using this tool and making the enhancements that we feel will make this tool even better than it is.  To me, this makes this a tool worth checking out!

What are your thoughts about Google Classroom and using it in your classroom? 
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