Google Forms ~ Next Steps

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

Google Forms has the power to make a teacher’s life easier, when used at any level.  This post will highlight some of the functions that take it to the next level. 

To back step and refresh your memory about basic Form functions, Refer to the following links:

Use these links to learn more about the following Form Topics:

Question Types in Google Forms ~ check out the Scale and Grid question types.  

How could these question types help you collect data in the classroom?

Google Forms & Spreadsheet Tricks ~ check this out for quick reminders 

about some powerful Forms functions

Forms & Flubaroo ~ Flubaroo is a great add on script that helps the teacher “grade” Form based assessment. Works super on Multiple Choice type responses.
Forms & AutoCrat ~ AutoCrat is another great add on script.  Here is what it does:  You collect data using a form.  You also create a template in Google Docs.  AutoCrat will merge the form data into your Doc AND email the Doc or PDF to the user.  Imagine the possibilities!

How can you use the power of Google Forms in your classroom?

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