Guest Tech PD Post ~ No More Refrigerator Showcase

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)

Did you ever think the refrigerator would no longer be the only place for students to showcase their work? Gone are the days of students having to come home from school, zip open their backpacks, and pull out the project they created to proudly display it on the refrigerator. Now, students can click on their tablet or phone and share their learning with their parents (or anyone that will look for that matter).
By:  Lisa Roanhouse
Teachers are helping students to create digital portfolios that they can share the process and products of their learning. Paul Solarz, author of Learn Like a Pirate, has an amazing blog that he uses to communicate with parents and keep a photo log.  Then, the coolest part, is that each student has a blog that they communicate what they are learning. In their blogs, they talk about the process of their learning, upload pictures of the process, and reflect upon their learning. Take a look at an example here:—charlie-s

Students in my classroom this year will host a weebly website and they will follow a similar model to share their learning with their audience.  Later this school year we will invite families in for a Portfolio Night where we will showcase our learning to our families. I can’t wait to see what my 3rd graders can do this year!

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