Guest TechPD Post~ My Journey from Reluctance to Conversion

By:  Deanna Kulow


My journey from reluctance to conversion


Twitter….we are going to dive into Twitter says the instructor. It was a guttural and audible “ugh” that I made in the first moments of the Tech PD Summer 2016 course. Great 1st impression made! I reluctantly began a journey, I do mean reluctantly. I quickly became irritated and almost hostile to this assignment.

Here’s the cool thing.  I have quickly changed my tune, Twitter might just really be what I needed as an educator to stay relevant and focused in this fast paced teacher world I live in. Rushing to the next idea, the next meeting, the next unit, test, quiz, assignment, concert!

Twitter has allowed me to have an entire PLN (personalized Learning Network) with people, companies and organizations from all over the world. Right at my fingertips. I don’t have to travel for hours, or sit in a classroom. I just need to be connected.  

Here is a quick list to help you get you started;



As you find people, organizations and ideas that you find relevant and want to follow assign great finds to lists. I have many lists such as people I follow, professional people I follow, organizations, politics and active #’s.....(FYI, in the music world # = a sharp not a hashtag).



Get a tweet deck. All of those lists that you have already created; easily managed by columns. This was my saving grace. As soon as I could see everything in this format I was sold on Twitter and haven’t looked back.



An easy place to begin might by following organizations or professional people you already following through blogs. Here are a few names that might just change the way you think about teaching: Dave Burgess, AJ Juliani, Steve Wyborney, Catlin Tucker.



Easy, open your tweetdeck daily and leave it open. Take a few moments a day, scroll your lists, if you see something, like it so you can read it later. Retweet it.

This is what I have learned on my Twitter journey, a journey that now keeps growing and evolving. I have learned invaluable and vasts amounts of ideas from well respected authors, teachers and organizations. I won’t go back, I can’t go back. Everyday I get braver, participating and sharing a little bit of myself and ideas.  My hope is to create a Fox River Middle School Twitter community where we can all learn and grow together! Join me at #FRC1617! Or follow me @Deanna_Kulow


Happy Tweeting!

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