Compass for Teachers


Use the following links for teacher help with the Compass Odyssey program.

The Compass Teacher Dashboard
File Size: 188 kb
File Type: pdf

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Compass Quick Start for Teachers
File Size: 475 kb
File Type: pdf

Download File

Compass Class Setup Help Guide
File Size: 194 kb
File Type: pdf

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PictureCompass Video:  Class Setup



PictureHow to Read the Student Progress Report in Compass

Compass Learning Math ~ Handbooks
File Size: 47 kb
File Type: pdf

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These handbooks are for teachers and are designed as a teacher tool, and not designed for independent practice.

Compass Learning Exploratory Activities
File Size: 59 kb
File Type: pdf

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Use these activities to explore mathematical concepts using manipulatives within Compass.  Might provide some good practice for online manipulatives, like the Smarter Balance Assessment.

Compass Scope & Sequence Documents

Use the Compass Scope & Sequence documents to align Compass lessons with classroom curriculum.  These lessons can be a great way to access prior knowledge in a lesson, assess learning on a skill or concept, or reinforce skills that have already been taught.

To access the Scope and Sequence documents for your grade level:

  • Login using your Compass Teacher Login
  • Go to the Content tab, then Resources tab.
  • Click on Curriculum on the left. You will then see the Scope & Sequence documents on the right.

Compass Icon Key

These are the icons used in the Student Portfolio reporting and also in the Teacher Content and Teacher Reporting areas of Compass Learning.
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