Google Docs

PictureApplication for Google Docs

Application Level One

Through our Google Classroom, Complete the Google Docs Skills Checklist Activity.  This checklist will work through many skills important to know when using Google Docs. Use the Notes column to checkmark skills once complete, make notes to self or me, or add comments/questions about the skill.

Application Level Two

​Find a friend or let me know (I can be your friend) and experiment with giving feedback and/or being collaborative when writing using Google Docs.

  • Create a simple writing piece.  It can be on anything you would like it to be.  Experiment with many features of Google Docs. (ie:  voice typing, insert image, insert hyperlink, experiment with Explore function, etc.)
  • Then, with your partner, provide each other with feedback using at least 2-3 different forms of feedback.   Using the ideas from these two sources:  Fantastic Feedback for Google Docs and Improving  writing and research with G Suites for education  
  • Edit the document using Suggested Edit.
  • Write a short reflection about the feedback forms and how you could use them in your classroom or in your work.

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