Google Drive

PictureApplications for Google Drive

Application Level One

Through our Google Classroom, Complete the Google Drive Skills Checklist Activity.  This checklist will work through many skills important to know when using Google Drive. Use the Notes column to checkmark skills once complete, make notes to self or me, or add comments/questions about the skill.

Application Level Two

Implement some of the organization strategies learned in this lesson to make you Google Drive more efficient and organized by performing a Google Drive Makeover.  Using the Awesome Screenshot Extension that you will install into you Chrome browser, take a Before & After Snapshot of your Google Drive OR use a screencasting tool such as Screencastify and make a screencast.  Using a Google Doc to document your makeover, insert both screenshots as well as a brief description or bulleted list of what your makeover entails. (moving files in to folders, deleting files,  organizing Shared with me, color coding folders, starring folders, sorting options, etc.)

Watch this video to learn how to use Awesome Screenshot.  Watch this video to learn how to use Screencastify.  

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