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Learn Free:  Search Better ~ Google Search Tips
Learn Free:  Search Better ~ How to Read a Webpage
Learn Free:  Search Better ~ Judging Online Information
Learn Free:  Search Better ~ Practice Evaluating Information

Power Searching Google Course Lessons...... There are 6 classes with in this Google Course.  Within each class, there are multiple lessons and then a learning activity for each.  While this course was live at one time, it is no longer, so you are able to go through the course materials and complete most of the activities (with feedback), but the live activities, the hangouts, and the forums are not live.  Use this course to the Depth you choose to expand your learning of how toeffectively and efficiently Google Search.  You can skip the Hangout on Air Sessions.

Teach you students the right way to Google ~ great article about teaching students to Google Search

Google Search Tricks & Tips

Power Searching Quick Guide..... you may want to print this out to serve as a reminder of the Power Searching strategies you have learned
Google Skills..... click here to view short videos and see documentation on specific searching skills and strategies.
11 Google Tricks That Will Change the Way You Search

Going Google Search Strategies Guide (a printable)

Google Educator Learning



Google Educator Certification Checklist

Google Educator Checklist  ... Thanks for Eric Curts for organizing these Google Educator checklists.  I have re-organized them to line up with these courses.

PictureApplication for Searching ~ Pick One

Application Level One

Determine the top 3 (in your opinion) search strategies for your students.  In Google Classroom, share your top 3 by responding to the Top 3 Search Strategy Question.
Create 3 Google Proof questions for your curriculum or for your professional role.  Refer to this slide show to learn more:  I Googled It!  Add your three questions by commenting in Google Classroom to the Google Proof question prompt.

Application Level Two

Advanced Power Searching Course Challenges.....  Please watch and review the Course Overview section of this course so you understand the layout of the challenges within this course, then explore AT LEAST one of the challenges within this course.  See how you do.  Describe what you learned as a Comment in Google Classroom.  Also note which challenge you completed and what you learned from the challenge.
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