Twitter: Getting Started

Getting Started with Twitter

Step 1:  Set up a Twitter Account

Go to to get started.

  1. Setup a user name and password.  Many people use their real names so they are easily findable but some people prefer to use a nickname.  There is no right answer.  Do what you are comfortable with!  My Twitter handle is @saraschoepke.   Pretty easy to find!  No guess work needed.....
  2. Go through the setup screens.  Choose Skip this Step if you are unsure what to enter.
  3. Personalize your Twitter profile.  Again, this is your place to promote yourself and begin making connections.  Do and add what you are comfortable with.  Go out on a limb and don't be an egg.  Upload a picture ~ be it real or a clipart you are comfortable with.  Without adding an image, you will be an egg... and an egg is .... just an egg!
  4. If you feel so inclined to decorate your Twitter with backgrounds and background colors,  go to Settings, then Design and make your customization choices.  If you are REALLY artsy, you can create custom header images.  Learn How here!


Step 2:  Choose people to follow
Here are some resources to help you determine who to follow in Twitter.

PLN Stars
     By Grade Level
     By Subject

Step 3:  Understanding Twitter Lingo

PLN (n):  Personal or Professional Learning Network
tweet (v):  the act of communicating with Twitter
retweet (v):  the act of tweeting someone else's tweet;  this is a great way to share someone else's tweet and still give them the credit.  You can start a retweeted message by adding RT
Comment (v): when you retweet someone's tweet and want to add your own words to the message.
Favorite a Tweet:  just like liking in FAcebook, it tells others you like what they said. Your Favorites or Likes are all gathered together, so it is a great way to curate or save the Tweets you like the most in one place.

@ : the symbol that allows you to tweet to an individual (a handle)
# before a hashtag which organizes tweets into specific topics.  You can then search a topic by its #hashtag.  You can not "follow" a #hashtag. 

Trends:  Topics or hashtags or individuals that are in the limelight or popular
Followers (n):  People who are keeping an eye on or watching your tweets.
Following (n):  People you are watching or "listening" to in Twitter.  You can "follow" people in Twitter

Be a Lurker.... and Learn
click here to learn more about Being as Lurker

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