Remove the YouTube Clutter

Remove the YouTube Clutter for Students

Option 1:  Embed videos into other places

Google Apps ~ YouTube videos will embed easily into a Google Apps presentation.  Go to the Insert menu and choose Video. You will then have the option to enter the video's YouTube address.Embed Code into other sites (Weebly) ~ 



Option 2:  Safe is a great little web tool that allows you to take a youtube video and create a safe share address for the video that removes nearly all of the ads, junk, links around a YouTube video.  Great for videos that are for the classroom.  Check it out here:  Within SafeShare, you are able to customize your video.  One way is you can crop the length of the video.  Click on the Customize Video link to do this.



Option 3:  Use a Chrome Extension

Within a browser, you can add the following extension to dim all of the junk around your video.    Click here to be able to download the extension you need for your browser of choice.  This extension is called Turn Off the Lights

Here is a video about how it works.

To change the settings, you will need to go into the Extensions menu, find Turn off the lights and explore the Options for this extension.

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