Math with Thinking Problems

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)

If I had to teach Math, and wanted my kids to think big AND deep AND apply math to real world problems…… here are a few great online resources I would utilize.  Plus, all of these truly simulate the type of math problems students will see in the Smarter Balance assessment.  I would use a class blog to have student share their thinking and to be the launch pad for independent thinking, but then also classroom discussion.

Illustrative Math ~ Search by Grade level and then find activity by

Math Teaching Resources ~ use the links on the left to narrow your focus by grade level or math area

CK12 Common Core Math Standards Browser ~   Middle School & High School Math Problems to stretch student’s math thinking

Inside Mathematics Problem of the Month ~  a great collection of math problems per grade level and math topic.

Inside Mathematics Performance Tasks ~ per grade level 

Of course, there are math thinking stems as well that could also be used to get your student’s thinking about math in a deeper way.

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