Missing The Hat & the Cool Timer desktop programs… New, Easy Alternatives

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)
If you really like having a classroom timer or a random name chooser for display on your smartboard, here are new solutions you don’t want to miss.


  • In a google search bar, type the amount of time you want on the timer and the word timer (Example: 1 minute timer) and then hit enter to search for that and Google will create a timer right there for you.  

  • Another simple option would be to go to the Chrome webstore in the Chrome browser and search for timer.  I found this “app” and added it to my Chrome apps.  

The Hat ~ Random Name Generator

Here is a super awesome alternative to The Hat.  It is called the Flippity Random Name Generator.  Here is a demo of how this works.  DEMO

What makes this a ton more powerful is this tools ability to sort or group your name list (you put in your student list) into all of these options.  HOW AWESOME is that!

Here are the directions.  Your teacher task is simply to create a Google Sheets document, using the template given, with the names of the students in your class.   Create it once using these directions and then save the link and it is always good to go for your class.

Hope you find these easy and helpful!
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