New Tool Alert ~ Quizlet

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

One of my favorite tools is Quizlet.  My daughter has been reviewing her social studies and Spanish vocabulary on her iPod using the Quizlet app and it got me exploring.    She studies, she does well and the teacher noted that kids that use it do better than those that study using traditional notes and study methods.  I love its versatility, that it works on the computer but also on iPods, iPads, Android devices,  awesome!

If you are not familiar with Quizlet, here is a quick look at this tool…

Check out more here……. More about Quizlet.

How could you use Quizlet to help your students learn information in your classroom?

Play Quizlet here…. do you know your Latin American Countries and Capitals?

What can you use Quizlet for in your classroom?
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