PLN Toolbox ~ Pinterest is Awesome!

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

If you haven’t check out Pinterest (with your educators lens on), you are missing out on a great wealth of good stuff. Mind you, you might get lost in the fabulous recipes and home decor ideas that are also in mass quantities, but stay the course.  Pinterest in not only a great place to look and see what others are doing, but it also becomes a great place to organize the things you find.  

To get started, you will create a login.  Check out Tech PD for some quick tips for navigating Pinterest.

A great place to start might be here…..Teachers on Pinterest

And please, if you haven’t check it out.  It is well worth a few minutes…. which may turn into a few more minutes…….

Share your thoughts about Pinterest.  What is your favorite or best find from this tool?

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