Reading & Web 2.0 ~ Tools that make reading easier and fun!

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

The Internet has some great tools to help students when reading on the internet.  Many are browser type add on tools that you may need to install, but once you do, they are there to use.  Check them out:

Rewordify ~ free, online tool that is ready to use with no installation.  Helps takes complicated text and make it simpler for students.  Watch this video about Rewordify with students.  Watch this video to show you how to create a library of reading for students online.

Announcify ~ an add on tool for Google Chrome that changes text to speech on most websites. You will need to install it from the Chrome store, and then it will “live” on your tool bar to access whenever you need to be read to.  Read more about Announcify here.

Readibility ~ these web tools make reading the web cleaner, easier, and more convenient.

Readable Test Tool ~ This browser add-on gives you the readability of websites based on various measurements.  While not an exact science, it does give a general idea.

BiblioNasium ~  promote reading in your class using this tool

ReadWorks learn more about Read Works here

Professor Word ~ use this tool to improve your vocabulary while you are reading online

Lingro ~ an online dictionary to help you while reading online

Scrible ~ a great site to annotate your online reading.  Read more here… How to Use Scrible in the Classroom

Newsela ~ check out this current events find;  great for modeling close reading to whole group or small group as well as sharing leveled text with students.  Plus, comprehension quizzes are available for many of the articles.  Read more here…  and here:  Cool New Tool ~ Newsela

Informational Text website collection ~ a collection of websites that support informational text reading.

Fun Places to Read Online ~ a collection of website that provide Read to Self and Listen to Read resources for free

Which tools (listed here or not) can you use with students to support reading?  DO you have other tools to share?

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