Going Google Course

Course Description:

This is a partially online course where teachers will learn about use of Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Chrome, and Google Classroom in both their professional work and their work with students. Educators will become proficient with the use of these tools as well as experience and enhance instruction by using these powerful tools with our students and also become more efficient in our work as educators.

Student Learning Outcomes: List clearly defined objectives of the learning that is to occur.

You will learn how to use or expand your knowledge of Google tools to be more efficient in the professional tasks of education
You will learn to use or expand your knowledge of Google tools to enhance your instruction and make it more meaningful, engaging, and more relevant for your students.
You will create means of enhancing communication with others using Google tools (ie: with parents, with colleagues, with educators in other places…)
You will use Google tools to be more collaborative with others.
You will use Google tools to be more efficient with students and/or in your professional practice.
Look at related competencies for Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2

Course Instruction Methodology: Course activities will include:

In Class: Modeling, Discussion, Practice in a computer lab environment,
Online Instruction: Online learning (Blended course delivery), videos, online reading and annotating, online discussions, etc.
Independent Work & Assignments: Reading, Project work, Lesson Development

Google Classroom ~ You, the Student

You will need a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account to sign in to Classroom for the first time.  This is your school Google Account.  If you are not a WGSD teacher, please talk with me before you proceed.

  1. Sign in to Classroom atclassroom.google.com
  2. Click TEACHER or the + sign
  3. Choose Join Class
  4. Enter our class code :sqh8e5h
  5. Click JOIN
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