Going Google: Classroom

Google Classroom will help you, the teacher, distribute and collect Google Drive assignments paperlessly.  You are able to see who has or has not completed assignments, and provide direct, real time feedback to individual students.

Google Classroom also gives teachers and students a platform that improves class communications.  Teachers can make announcements and ask questions and comments with students.

Classroom is also helpful in that it helps both the teacher and the students stay organized.  Classroom automatically create a folder in both the teacher's Drive and the student's Drive, where all course assignments will be located.  The Classroom folder is organized by course and also by assignment.  Students can easily see what is due on their Assignments page.

Google Classroom ~ You, the Student

You will need a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account to sign in to Classroom for the first time.  This is your school Google Account.  If you are not a WGSD teacher, please talk with me before you proceed.

  1. Sign in to Classroom at classroom.google.com
  2. Click TEACHER or the + sign
  3. Choose Join Class
  4. Enter our class code : sqh8e5h
  5. Click JOIN

Click Classroom Menu in upper left corner of screen to:

  • Assignments:  see all of your assignments from your class
  • Classes:  navigate to other classes, if you have more than one in Google Classroom
  • Settings:  Manage your preferences, such as password, security options, etc.

Google Classroom Basics

Google Classroom
Google Classroom Help Center
Google Classroom Cheat Sheet
Alice Keeler ~ Google Classroom 

PictureApplication for Google Classroom

Please answer the Google Classroom Questions regarding use of Google Classroom in your work.  
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