Create a PLN for Yourself

In this section, you will learn about a Personal / Professional Learning Network and how it can be a very powerful network for you to learn, collaborate and connect.  Each step will have a task or reflection to complete.

PLN Tools to Explore

What the heck is a PLN...........Personal Learning Network?

A PLN is PERSONAL because you choose who and what and when you are learning with.  You make all the choices.
1.  what tools to use
2.  who you connect with
3.  how you want to learn
4.  when you want to learn

A PLN is LEARNING because you  are sharing ideas and resources and collaborating with others, who are in the field with you.  I can be the best professional development you participate in because you are in charge of your learning.

A PLN is a NETWORK because with use of the internet, you build a global learning network which allows you to learn and share global, diverse perspectives on instructional strategies, pedagogy, technology, and more.

​Be a Connected Educator and Build your PLN Today!

Step 1:  Setup a Twitter
Step 2:  Follow blogs
Step 3:  Attend Webinars and Learn through Media
Step 4:  Find Other Places to Connect with Others

There is no link for Step 4, but rather you need to go and explore other social media venues for your personal learning.  

Step 5:  Curate your learning
Step 6:  Finding time 


PLN Reflection

Please respond to each prompt as you learn and reflect about creating and maintaining PLN  as you go through the process.  

Before Step 1:  Creating a PLN

After Step 1:  Setup a Twitter

After Step 2:  Following Blogs

After Step 3:  Learning through Media

After Step 4:  Other Social Media Learning

After Step 5:  Curating Your Learning

After Step 6:  Finding Time for your PLN

Added Bonus:  
Let's gamify our learning by playing Tech PD Summer Twitter BINGO.  Click here for your game board!

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