Tech as Assessment

Before a Lesson

Using formative assessment before a lesson or unit is like being on a fact finding mission. Use a KWL chart to help you know what your students know, what they want to know, and what they have learned (after the lesson or unit). Here are some examples of how tech tools can help efficiently and effectively:

You could also give a quick quiz to determine background knowledge students have on the subject: Here are some examples of tech tools that create quizzes to determine knowledge prior to a lesson or unit:

During a Lesson

Teachers will want to assess how students are learning during a lesson.  Sometimes these check-ins are used to interrupt independent practice to see where students are at in their pacing and/or give them opportunity to ask for help.   This can serve as a status check or to intervene and support learning if there is any misunderstanding of the information.  

  • EdPuzzle Features allow you to determine if students understand video learning 
  • Discussion boards allow students to answer a question to show their understanding
  • Any tool that asks for quick assessment PRIOR to a lesson can work to assess during a lesson (Google Forms, Padlet, Socrative).

After a Lesson

At the end of a lesson or unit, it is important to know how well students understood what was taught.  This can be done in many different way s using tech tools.

  • Exit cards allow a teacher to quickly skin a spreadsheet or table of responses to determine who's got it and who needs extra help.
    • Socrative has a feature designed specifically for Exit Cards.
    • Google Forms works well.
    • Recap is a tool new to me that allows students to capture their thoughts via video:  Try it here:   Class pin:  jmsjolq
    • What students are thinking via audio.  Follow these steps to give it a try:
      1. Add the Talk and Comment Google store extension 
      2. Open this Google Slides example
      3. Find the Talk and Comment button on the right side of the screen.
      4. Record your thinking to the question.
      5. Create a comment to the slide and paste your audio link in the comment.
  • Go Formative is another quiz like tool that allows students to answer multiple choice questions BUT also use a built in whiteboard tool to show their answers.  Works well with math but can also be nice for other content.  Click here for an example!
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