Tech PD Learning ~ Blogging as a Means of Sharing with Others

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)
Tech PD is a course I teach to my fellow educators with the goal of the course being to give educators a snapshot of 21st century education and what this looks like in the classroom for both the teacher and the students.  We start out by examining how learning as a professional has changed.  Today, an educator is able to create a personal / professional learning network (P2LN) of people with similar and different ways of thinking and doing things.  Members of one’s P2LN are not just the teachers you teach with at your school, but bigger and more global, thanks to many tools, such as Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, etc.   We then look at how communicating from and about the classroom has changed in the 21st century, how we curate the vast amounts of information that are now at our fingertips (both for ourselves and for students), how we deliver instruction in this connected world and how we assess student learning.  I lead teachers to the big ideas and paint the picture of what this looks like and then they apply this learning to their specific classroom or learning environment through application projects and reflections.  

Part of being a 21st century learner is to share what we learn and know, therefore one of the final Tech PD assignments was to write a blog post to share some new learning or a topic of learning with other teachers.  Participants were to write the post on anything they deemed relevant to the Tech PD theme or topic.  Kind of like a professional genius project, with a little bit of Techie focus. 

In the next few weeks, I will be sharing them with you in my blog.  I hope you enjoy their insight.
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