Tech Tools that Support Reading Instruction & Reading Online: Collaborative, At Level, Reading Discussions

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)

This is Part 3 in a blog series about using Tech Tools that Support Reading Instruction and Reading Online.   In this post, I will refer to Part One, where we found leveled text and made it digital in Google Docs.   Once this text is digital, in Part Two,  I shared techniques for students to close read digital text.  Now, finally, in this part of the series, I will share techniques for students to have online collaborative conversations around these leveled texts.

Once the text is in Google Docs, you, the teacher, has the ability to share it with groups of students.  These could be students in a guided reading group.  BY sharing with right for Comments Only, you could add a teacher comment for a reading prompt.  Students can then use the comment feature to answer and discuss the prompt you have given.  If students need to have the ability to highlight text, I refer you to Part Two of this blog series, for techniques to do that.  

Share your thoughts and experiences with using Google Documents and digital text to support reading instruction with your students.  
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