Technology and the Math Classroom Part 1

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)
How can you incorporate technology into your math instruction?  I have a few ideas to share with you, but it takes a little looking at things differently.  I think having access to Chromebooks opens your students to greater, deeper learning in Math.  It allows you to meet the diverse needs of your students better because I think the Chromebook is the perfect differentiation tool.  Think of your room in stations, rotations, or as different math learning experiences.  Some suggestions could be:  teacher with small groups, virtual instruction, small group collaboration, writing about math, independent practice, peer to peer application, etc.   I share some different options, ideas, and resources with you:

Math Videos ~ Flipping the Learning
Videos do not replace the teacher, but students sometimes need to fast forward the lesson when they already have the basic concepts.  Or maybe the student needs to rewind the lesson, slow it down or hear it again to review the concepts. Hard to do with the live teacher in front of the room, since the rewind or fast forward is then felt by all students.  This is where videos come into play.  Not always as a teacher replacement, but sometimes as a different voice, to be heard in a different time and/or different place.  Here are some great online sources of online or video Math learning:

Learn Zillion ~ an online curriculum built for teachers by teachers.  There is a Full Math Curriculum (organized by either grade level or my common core standard) and a Math Video Lesson Library to support your math instruction.  You can create classes or link content for students to access.
Khan Academy ~ well known for its instructional math videos, it is organized by Subject, grade, and skills.  There are videos and there are also practice problems.  You can link to content or create a class and have student join using a class code. You are then able to track their progress through Khan Academy.
Math Live ~ an engaging set of online video like math tutorials
Math Movie Network ~ browse video by grade and categories
TED Ed: Math in Real Life ~ these videos are very unique and spark higher level thinking

You Tube Channels for Math
Numberphile ~ more math extension video, but of high interest


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