Technology and the Math Classroom Part 2

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)
Practice or Apply Learning Online
Another station or rotation in our technology and the math classroom exploration

could be time set aside for students to either practice what the new learning from today. This might be online practice or it might be using problems that the teachers shares with the student digitally or not digitally. Practice and application might also be time for differentiated math learning. There are many great online tools for that type of learning. Here are just a few….

A+Click ~ math and logic problems online sorted by grade level and by math skill
Front Row ~ this link will give you more information about the Front Row program and also access to a test class to check out Front Row as a student
Buzz Math (for grades 6-12)~ check it out as a student by accessing my class at with code:  E3FD-7445

Compass Learning ~ a new added feature in the Hybridge version of Compass is that within the content, there is an activity alignment with the Everyday Math curriculum.  See me if you’d like me to show you or here is how you can view the lesson correlations.  Have kids type in the activity number of the activity to save yourself the time of assigning tasks.  

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