Transform your Teaching ~ Making Math Problems More Real Life

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

A big theme in Common Core Math standards is relating math to real life problems. These are part of the Math Process Common Core standards.   Many of these resources do that.  I give you these resources as tools to use as is in your classroom, but also as think abouts.  Could your students compose problem solving activities like this as a project to show evidence of their learning?

Dan Meyer is a high school Math teacher who thinks of math as problems to solve and he has created a wealth of web based content.  To understand Dan Meyer’s work you need to understand what and how he is thinking.  Here is some insight on his thoughts:

Now, we can possibly better understand some of his work.  It is amazing….

Three Act Mathematical Stories

101 Questions

    How can you use some of these resources in your Math instruction?

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