Using Technology to Communicate with Parents


Teachers and parents are two of the most influential factors in determining a student's success.  Therefore, it is essential for these two parties to find modes of communication that meet the needs of all involved ~ parent, teacher, and student.  In the past, good parent - teacher communication was either a telephone call or a handwritten note home, but today, communicating has become so much more efficient, convenient, and productive.  Research will show that the impact of parental engagement on student achievement results in greater student success in school, better attendance rate, more positive attitudes and behavior, a higher graduation rates and greater achievement in life in general.

Tools to Think About for Communicating with Families:

          **websites                  **Class Dojo web tool & app              
          **class blogs               **Remind web tool & app
          **email                      **Social Media Tools
          **videos                     **Smore newsletters                 
          **podcasts                 **Google Tools:  Forms, Calendar, Docs, and more...

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