Wonder Journals

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)

WonderopolisFirst, let me state, that this is not my original idea.  Once again, a great idea from Matt Gomez.. amazing and highly creative Kindergarten teacher. Read his blog post here.

Matt used the awesome Wonderopolis website daily with his Kindergartners to help them think and wonder. This site is fantastic for many reasons.  First, it asks a wondering question and then uses text, videos, pictures, etc. to answer the question.  It is super for little ones because the text has a read aloud feature. Really great informational text source…. and new content daily!  There are many great educational features to each day’s wonder.  The site recently added a discussion area, so if you have a question about the wonder of the day, the Wonderopolis staff will answer the questions you have!  You and your class can suggest Wonders to be included on this website.  

After watching the Wonder of the Day video and listening to the text, he has his students create a KWL entry in their Wonder journal.  K~Know  W~Wonder  L~Learn

I love this idea!  

Here are a few printables to help you get started:


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